About Us

Our Story

Rota Restaurant, a restaurant that managed to attract attention in a short time with its unique tastes in Kadıkoy, started to serve in Caferaga Gunesli Bahce Sokak in June 2009.

Rota has a very special menu, Rota Restaurant rightfully claims that meat and fish dishes are nowhere near as delicious and varied. Every appetizer and every meal is like a feast of taste, each appetizer is prepared from carefully selected products, and every kind of raki is a special restaurant at any time of the day with its special menu.

Rota Restaurant, which has a privileged place with its design and cuisine, offers a feast with delicious dishes. With a garden section for 56 people and a closed area for 250 people, including 4 separate halls, Rota Restaurant is a modernized version of the raki fish culture with its very special flavors that remain on the palate in the historical Güneşli Bahçe Sokak.

It offers the ideal services for friends meetings, business lunches or a peaceful dinner with family.